CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

5 Reasons Why GIIS Believes in Information Literacy!

In the words of the renowned meditation master Burt Goldman, "Knowledge without application is like a wind without a sail to harness it". The same goes for information. One can have access to a lot of information, but if the person is incapable of applying the same to resolve the matters at hand, then the information is of no use.

No matter what we read, how many books we go through, and what knowledge we acquire, it is futile if we don’t apply it in our lives.

The field of information literacy deals with this issue greatly. One not only needs to gain knowledge or information but should be capable of applying it too. One needs to identify the situation and look accordingly for information. Once the information is retrieved, a person should know how to analyze the information and use it to solve a particular problem.

Information literacy is what makes you literate or educated about information that can be applied effectively. And learning this skill at an early age makes one, technically speaking, "An Information Literate."

This is the very reason that GIIS international school in Uppal, Hyderabad, believes in the importance of information literacy. Adding to the numerous reasons behind why GIIS is one of the top schools in Hyderabad.

Global Indian International School stresses the need for information literacy at every stage of the student’s life.

Let us just go through some of the points that will make you believe in the concept.

● Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills:Solving a problem requires knowledge about the situation. There are instances where you might have different ideas in mind to tackle a particular situation. Then to solve the problem at hand, you need to make a decision on which method to choose.

The best international schools in Hyderabad are focusing on infusing words in students' minds and making them understand the meaning of those words.

The curriculum and the assessment methods combined with activities and projects help students apply their knowledge and decide what information to use for the desired results. This, in turn, enhances the decision-making and problem-solving abilities of students. Even if one makes a wrong choice at this stage, it will add up to their experience and help build a strong base for future decision-making skills.

● Information combined with Technology: One can expand the horizon of learning and teaching when information literacy is combined with technology. Teachers know how to teach. They know how to use different educational platforms. They can combine their knowledge with technology to spread that knowledge remotely to students.

Similarly, students these days are pro in technology, but they need to know the limitations, rights, and cyber security as well. Using the technology to gain knowledge about these points is what makes them information literate.

In short, if one is able to combine the information and knowledge one has with the technical advancement in society, then one can expand the horizon of skills and knowledge for the betterment.

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● The curious researcher: Global Indian International Schools thrive to maintain international standards for their students. And to achieve that, students should be curious about finding answers and asking questions to come to a level where they can step into the world of research.Information literacy is nothing but analyzing the information. Analyzing every aspect by asking why (this is like this), how (to use, modify), where (to apply). This makes students try stuff and know more and learn more.

In short, your little genius is being curious and is developing research skills. He is now only capable of using the existing information but is trying to create new ideas.

● Enhance thinking ability: The best international schools in Uppal are improving the students' thinking skills. Because ultimately, one needs to think. You have a problem in hand, you think about the solution, you need to carry out a task you think. But thinking should be constructive, informative and should yield positive results.

It can only happen if one learns to process the information provided to students. It is not something that makes you think. Everyone can think . But the way one thinks is what matters. GIIS is an international school in Uppal that makes your child a critical thinker capable of analyzing stuff and using it accordingly.

● The team player:When one analyzes information, one feels to expand the horizon, collaborate and talk to others about it, can accept varied and contradictory opinions about something which makes him deal with a number of people and their views effectively. This develops team spirit and collaborative skills in a student.

GIIS international school believes in providing knowledge and making your child capable enough to use that knowledge for various applications and make them deal with life experiences in an effective manner. To become a part of the GIIS family, visit the website and join us today!

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