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CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

9 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Learning Potential

Parents have undergone all the diverse experiences in their school years. Oscillation in grades ranging from good to bad, participation in various school events, remarks from teachers, and the occasional late-night study.

Parents can certainly appreciate the high and low points of a child's learning graph today. The best part of being a parent is that you can transfer that learning to your child. Parents who wish to give top learning inputs to the children are complimented well by the excellent teaching staff of top international schools in Hyderabad. Ideal child learning methodologies pave the way for creating successful outcomes.

Learning is not flawless but is a gradual process. Create space for your child to make mistakes and always believe in the motto ‘Fail fast fail big.' The modern educational sphere comprises top schools in Hyderabad, which increase the child's curiosity and determine the areas in which they are passionate.

Here are some ways that can propel your child's learning potential:
1. Top Grades are not mandatory from the beginning of the child’s education

The school’s evaluation mechanisms are so designed that sometimes even a child's best efforts might not result in an A, and that's alright. The thing that matters is the quantum of efforts that children put into improving their academic performance or reinforcing their learning capabilities.

Children sometimes take heavy pressure on a subconscious level to fulfill parental expectations, and this can make them anxious, which can have deleterious effects on their performance in school. Gentle encouragement is needed so that children are made to learn new things and not just achieve symbolic labels, which don't signify anything notable. Achievements of top grades need not necessarily achieve the top learning outcomes contrary to the regular belief system. Thus, Arca GIIS, one of the best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad strives continuously to enhance the frontiers of knowledge and improve the child's chance of success in a highly competitive era.

2. Food is a brain booster

A healthy diet goes a long way in the development of young brains. The top international schools in Hyderabad like the Arca Global Indian International School, Uppal, provide a nutritious and well-balanced diet to their students to reach the ideal synergy of attention and memory. Provided, government authorities have asked CBSE schools in Hyderabad as such to introduce cafeteria facilities that are rich in healthy fat, eggs, nuts, and yogurt. Food is the key that unlocks a higher learning potential and prepares young minds to evolve into stronger minds and robust bodies.

3. Create a consistent routine

Learning capabilities are reinforced in children who follow a standard routine and lead an organized life. The best international schools in Hyderabad ensure to inculcate a standardized routine in academic and extra-curricular processes and establish a proper learning ecosystem in which children can complete their assignments. The top CBSE schools in Hyderabad have ample space, which provides a fertile arena for learning in science, technology, engineering, and management categories.

4. Motivate children to reading books at an early stage

The love for books is an essential prerequisite of the child to achieve a higher growth trajectory. Strong vocabulary, exposure to different cultures, and critical thinking skills are the standard foundations that expand the child's learning potential.

5. Proper sleep is the essence of memory retention

Children nowadays are distracted by digital devices and are often losing sleep. A proper sleep routine and the quality of sleep are important to increase children's focus and help them retain and analyze more information. Following a proper sleep routine also helps to avoid certain learning disabilities like ADHD.

6. Keep them active

Regular exercises in children improve their attention spans and control their learning. This has a direct bearing on both the psychological and physical performance of the child. The IGCSE schools in Hyderabad make sure the children undergo different physical exercises and help them to maintain a pleasant mood. At GIIS, fitness is integrated into the daily curriculum, and is an integral part of the holistic education on which GIIS prides itself.

7. Game nights

Parents should encourage children to spend more time playing board games with their classmates and friends. Board games help children to assimilate the application of rules. Games like Scrabble help enrich the child's vocabulary and present wonderful opportunities for bonding, which can aid the learning processes.

8. Listen to your children

Active listening to children is essential to develop confidence skills in them. Children develop good communication skills when their perception of others’ ability to learn their opinions is positively influenced.

9. Praise and encouragement

Even adults need to be reminded of how good a job they are doing for consistent performance. Children constantly form a positive frame of mind regarding the importance of learning when they receive adequate and calibrated praise from the parents. The top international schools in Hyderabad like Arca GIIS make sure that every child gets individual attention and feedback is given according to the child's learning needs.

All parents want is to provide the best education to the child, and many top CBSE schools in Hyderabad alleviate the stress of parents and take care of the golden future of the child by providing an ideal learning ecosystem.

The Arca Global Indian International School or Arca GIIS is a private school in Uppal which is located in the eastern part of Hyderabad. The school has been ranked as the number 1 school in the east zone and number 2 in twin cities for the last 5 years by the Times of India in its 12 years of operation and is indeed the best choice for your children.

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