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A Guide On How To Choose The Best Schools In Hyderabad

One of the most critical decisions parents have to make is choosing the right and the best school for their child. A good school can make all the difference in your child's life and his/her upcoming future. Schooling is one of the most important phases in a child's life, during which he/she learns different things. The right school that guides a child to go on the right path is very crucial. Besides being an important decision, it can also be tough to decide which school is best for your child. Parents have to consider various factors and evaluate several school options to find the best school for their child.

Choosing among the top schools in Hyderabad can be quite a tough choice to make, as it is a growing city with countless top-notch schools to choose from. Keep reading to find out how one can choose among the top schools in Hyderabad.

Factors to keep in mind before selecting a school for your child:

The following factors are to be considered before selecting the right school for your child –

● Board of the school – The main question while selecting the best school in Hyderabad is what board to choose from – CBSE or ICSE. Here’s the answer:

✔ CBSE – The main aim of the CBSE board is to develop the child’s intellect and overall personality. The mental and physical health of your child will also be given priority with academics. Sports are also encouraged to be played along with academics. In a CBSE school, your child's growth is constantly monitored, which also makes it a good choice. Most importantly, CBSE has age appropriate syllabus . As per the NEP CBSE has introduced many reforms which focuses on enhancing the Critical thinking, Creativity and conceptual skills of the students. Importance is given to enhance the Numeracy & Literacy skills.

✔ICSE – ICSE focuses more on practical and laboratory works, in addition to academics. They believe that application-based learning is essential for a child to understand what they are studying. A few opine that the ICSE syllabus is a bit vast because it focuses on internal assessments and practical works.

● Facilities provided by the school – It's important that the school provides some of the essential facilities for your child's holistic growth and development. The school that you choose must provide at least some of the facilities mentioned below –

✔ A library for the kids to indulge in their favorite books.

✔ A playground for the kids to play and maintain their physical fitness.

✔ The lighting and ventilation in classrooms should be enough so that the students don’t strain their eyes.

✔ Activity rooms like a music room, art room, dance room, and so on, so that kids can excel in all kinds of co-curricular activities.

✔ An infirmary is a must in case your child feels sick.

✔ Laboratories so that kids understand the concepts while experimenting.

✔ Transportation facilities like school buses, vans, etc.

● Quality of education in the school – The education quality provided by the school is the most important thing to consider as this makes the child's base for studies and their future. The school's education quality should be the best kind, with practical and theoretical experiences.

The best schools in Hyderabad provide the best quality of education with application-based studies and practical works.

How to select the best school for your child in Hyderabad?

Now that you have seen the factors to be considered before selecting the right school, the next step is to shortlist the schools you find fit for your child and gather more information about them. Here's how you can select the best and the top school in Hyderabad for your child –

● Make a list – After considering all the factors, shortlist the schools that you think are best for your child and visit them personally, or you could even visit their website. After visiting the school personally or through the website, you will gain an idea about the perfect school for your child.

● Ask other parents – Ask other parents about the best schools in your area and in Hyderabad and what is their opinion about your shortlisted schools. This can help if you have just moved to Hyderabad and don't know about the schools there. You may consider their opinions as well.

● Pay a visit to the school – Lastly, there’s no better way to learn more about the school than visiting it yourself. Get to know more about the school, the facilities provided by them like laboratories, playgrounds, art rooms, etc. Visit the classes and learn about the environment and teachers of the school. Attend an orientation for the new admissions. This way, you get to gain in-depth information about the school you want to send your child to. Hence, a visit to the best schools in Uppal and Hyderabad is a must.

While choosing the best school for your child, always keep in mind your child’s best interest. If your child is interested in a particular field of study, it is always best to choose a school in Hyderabad that enhances that particular skill of your child.

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