CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

A look at the learning styles at an International School in Hyderabad

Every child has a right to education. And as a parent, one thrives on providing the best of education to their wards. Best in every term, be it facilities, methods of learning and teaching in a school, or teachers' qualifications.

But when it comes to teaching methodologies, one should be aware of the current and latest teaching practices that the researchers approve. Gone are the days of reciting and mugging up things. International schools in Hyderabad, especially if you have a kid in pre-primary and primary, are making the education and learning process not look like a big task to students.

New and approved teaching styles can benefit your child’s brain development and growth in a healthy way. It will develop the minds into the critical thinker and enhance curiosity in them. Rather than just mugging up things for the exams and forgetting stuff afterwards, a student will instead develop problem-solving skills.

The teaching styles these days make a student understand how to approach different problems. And while talking about the teaching methods, let's just give a tour to different learning styles that are practiced in a renowned international school in Hyderabad.

Learning Styles at Arca GIIS International School in Hyderabad

Primary schools in Uppal and in Hyderabad are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the learning process of young kids. The learning methods include the following.

Targeting sensory organs: Many primary schools in Hyderabad and Uppal and other International schools in the region make use of both audio and video lessons to enhance their listening skill. An audio session combined with a visual explanation of the subject will make the learning process easy. The complex topics are also easy to grab in that manner.

Who wants to turn the pages of boring black and white textbooks when things can be explained through video demonstration?

Virtual Learning Environment: Virtual learning environment or VLM is a thing of the century. International schools in Hyderabad and Primary schools in Uppal are using VLM to make the learning process fun for kids. VLM has proven extremely beneficial during the work from home scenario during the pandemic. VLM provides PPT's, course material, live classes, whiteboard experience and everything else that can be accessed from the comfort of homes.

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Interdisciplinary Learning: Remember your school days when one subject has absolutely nothing to do with the other. We still sometimes wonder what was the use of studying so much in school. We were not taught in a way where subject knowledge of one subject was applied to another one or to a real-life scenario.

International schools in Hyderabad are practising interdisciplinary teaching methods. They can actually relate a simple boiling egg experiment to physics, biology and chemistry at the same time. The swinging of a cricket ball is not just a sport but a physics problem with a mathematical solution to them.

Conceptual Understanding: Students do not like to memorize Newton's laws in class. But they do love the idea of forcing a rocking chair to come to a halt. They might enjoy colliding toys together or with other stuff to study the impact. And that’s the point of education.

International schools and primary schools in Uppal are known to build up a concept instead of learning some sentences by heart to score some marks in exams. A strong concept and a strong foundation will remain with the child throughout life.

Not only the concept building helps in understanding a problem in-depth, but also makes the child think of various ways to tackle the problem. He or she might get to know how different methods can solve a single problem and how one single method can be used to decode different puzzles.

International schools in Hyderabad are working in enlightening the research methodology tools to students at a younger age.

Team Work: Isn’t it the purpose of schooling that a child starts to learn to be a part of society. That he or she is able to cooperate and share stuff with others and transform into a great human and a responsible citizen.

Primary schools in Hyderabad focus on the overall personality development of children and make them ready to work in a cooperative and competitive society at the same time. And these qualities are developed when a child learns to work in a team with his or her fellow classmates.

Independency: Not only teamwork, but a child should also know how to be self-reliant while performing a task. Building enough confidence in the student to perform tasks on an individual level is a crucial step. Individual assignments help them to learn the skill.

Time: Teachers dedicate their time with students and as well as with parents as and when required. Arca GIIS International School in Uppal ensures that the student and teacher ratio is healthy so that no student is left behind.

Education matters, but how education is provided matters even more. This is the reason that Arca GIIS International school is turning to new learning styles to make education a fun process.

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