CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

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With changing times, we have seen many reforms in the field of education. This has resulted in a dynamic transition in the board examination system. To adapt to these changes, students must learn advanced techniques instead of wasting their time learning old ones.

Strategies to crack 10th or 12th board exam for schools in Hyderabad

These two examinations are regarded as the most significant exams for any CBSE school student. There have been times when a student has fallen ill due to immense pressure. Here are some board exam strategies that a student can follow:-

● Lay a study plan for each concept, maintain quick notes.

● Students are advised to finish at least 90% of the course before their pre-board examination

● Build your study style for your board exam preparation.

● Set a timetable according to your learning pace

● Understand the importance of time management while solving each question in the sample board question paper.

● Always analyze and question concepts under the subjects you are weak in. Students should not hesitate to take assistance from their teachers.

Schools in Hyderabad have already introduced an advanced teaching facility. Therefore, students should focus more on self-study than getting help from tutors.

● Avoid exhausting yourself out by studying rigorously. Take sufficient breaks in between your studies.

● Try your best to appear for the examination with a relaxed mind. You can build up your confidence by doing various sets of board-oriented questions at home.

What should CBSE schools in Hyderabad focus on to excel?

The teaching methods in most of the CBSE schools in Hyderabad are regarded as one of the best in India. However, to keep up with their excellent performance things are being considered . Since the sudden change in our lives we have to gear up and reform ourselves. They could adapt the techniques given below to re-adjust the teaching facility to prepare students for their upcoming boards-

● Schools in Hyderabad should introduce a teacher exchange program each month. Under this initiative, schools should exchange teachers in the same faculty to take different classes from their current one. This will enhance students to learn the right approach in giving answers to any kind of board questions.

● They should introduce different types of examination patterns in each examination session. Exams can be conducted offline and online. The new system of multiple-choice questions and OMR should be given more importance while preparing for internal school examinations.

Teacher briefing programs should be initiated in schools. This will help teachers to work uniformly as a team. This will help enhance the students' capability to face the board exams fearlessly.

How can CBSE schools in Secunderabad change the fate of their students?

Some of the tips that CBSE Schools in Secunderabad can adapt are-

● Introduction of self-study session after school.

● Help students in learning new techniques of efficiently answering board questions.

● They should make a separate period to discuss the board question paper and possible changes in the current exam.

● We should encourage students to learn different subjects in a specific period of the day.

A study strategy for this year:

These are some of the tips and techniques suggested by experienced school teachers from the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. Teachers from these CBSE schools in Hyderabad have years of experience guiding students to complete their board exams. These strategies are specially made to overcome the present pandemic situation struggles for the preparation of board examinations.

● CBSE schools in Secunderabad should introduce audio and visual teaching methods to help students understand the concept with much clarity.

● A question hour session at the end of each school day. This will help students prepare for the board by getting their doubts clear without any delay.

● Teachers should prioritize more real-life studying than textbook concepts. Teaching concepts of subjects by giving reference to their surroundings is very innovative. In this way, students can easily grasp the essence of the said topic.

● Students, teachers, and parents must work as a team to crack the Board examinations. This can be achieved by practicing and discussing tricks to excel boards through an interactive session at the end of each month.

● A creative style of teaching must be introduced for a better understanding of topics. Teachers should improvise teaching techniques by using joyful methods of games and puzzles. This will enhance the student's interest in the topic without losing concentration.

There is no denying the fact that the world is becoming more competitive day by day. The Best CBSE schools in Hyderabad are yielding great results as the years pass by. Students should learn to take this competitiveness as a challenge, not as pressure. Building up your courage along with getting the right strategy is the core formula to crack any CBSE board examination.

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