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CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Leave Your Phone Alone: 5 Tips to Help You Focus on Your Studies in the Digital Age

The era of digitalization and the season of the pandemic is proving to be a really bad combination for parents and their young kids. While digital gadgets have helped primary schools in Uppal to guide and teach kids through online mode, on the other hand, this has made kids glued to their phones and neglecting studies.

Everything comes with a side effect. Students, especially younger kids, are getting addicted to smart phones and laptops. While one is locked inside the home, public gatherings are not taking place; kids are spending more and more time indoors, and that too with mobile phones.

Parents' greatest problem now is making their children engage less with mobiles and focus more on studies.

GIIS international school in Uppal Hyderabad is working on this issue to help students overcome this addiction. One of the top 10 schools in Hyderabad, GIIS is concerned about the health as well as studies of the students.

So, here are some useful tips to minimize distractions from digital tools and help kids focus on studies.

1. No Internet, no distractions: Okay, let's just admit that most of the time kids spend on a mobile phone is utilized on stuff that requires internet connectivity. So, the simple solution is to make the internet unavailable.

Wondering how your kid will take online classes or you can do official work without the internet. One cannot think about working without the internet.

But one can actually make it a habit to turn off the internet for about an hour per day (even more if possible) to make your child utilize the internet free, mobile free time in a better way like studying. This is going to help the parents as well to work on their mobile addiction.

Like GIIS international school, many pre-schools in Hyderabad are encouraging students and parents to follow the same to help with mobile and internet addiction.

2. A strict timetable: Organizing your day properly and then following the timetable strictly helps anyone to maintain their focus on what is necessary, rather than wasting time on distractions. Primary schools in Hyderabad are helping students in managing their time through a suitable timetable. It includes study time, co-curricular activities, playtime, meal, and snack time and also reserve some time for personal mobile usage.

Following a proper timetable will help kids to distribute their time efficiently for different activities. As a result, kids will no longer be glued to their mobiles all the time.The plus point, they also grow into a disciplined citizen who will value time in life.

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3. Keep it away: Have you ever experienced that you are all determined to focus on the work at hand, but suddenly a notification dropped on your mobile phone? What do you do? You keep on working?

No. Absolutely not. A single mobile notification makes you look at your phone, check the notification, and then engage in your mobile phone. sYour work is just forgotten for several minutes.

The solution to avoid this distraction is to keep your mobile away while doing some important tasks.

The same goes for kids. If the mobiles are not required, then just put them aside or maybe in a different room to not get distracted by any beeping on the phone. And if mobile is required (one can't ignore the help these provide during online classes), then just turn off or mute all such distracting notifications. Keep mobile on flight mode, maybe.

Keeping all the distracting notifications away is what is all you need.

4. Use the mobile itself for studying: Pre-primary schools in Hyderabad are also working to help kids understand how to use technology in a productive way.

Primary schools in Uppal are very much in favor that kids should be aware of all the technology around them, especially when they have to deal with the online classes, online assignments, and online activities that too on some online platform.

Digitalization is necessary and required. So why to be a slave of technology and mobiles, when one can actually be a master of these? GIIS international school provides guidance to students to actually use mobile phones for studying and learning purposes.

Instead of killing time playing online games, one can see online activities and educational videos. One can try out different and easy educational software on the phone

5. Do some physical activities: It is always good to engage kids in activities and hobbies that keep them away from phones. Like yoga, watering plants, easy cooking activities, dancing, singing, painting, and so on. Such hobbies not only help in their mental development but also help in keeping the mobile addiction at bay.

You might get a helping hand in some of these.

To engage your kid in productive work, you may just refer to one of the top 10 best schools in Hyderabad. GIIS international school in Uppal is the solution to all of these concerns.

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