CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

CBSE Affl. No: 3630073

Seven tips for CBSE students’ preparation for board exams

Students these days are put through a lot of peer pressure and are expected to excel in everything they do. Specifically, board exams are seen as the most crucial points of their education as it is considered to be the beginning of a bright career. Flourishing and passing with great numbers is, directly and indirectly, pressurized on students, all the more in this progressing world. It is crucial that their mental health while taking up Board exams is monitored and taken care of. All the best CBSE schools in Uppal make it a point to implement activities for the mental refreshing of its students not just during exams, but always.

Though one cannot completely waiver the anxiety of appearing for an exam, a few tips help ease the preparation for Board exams. They are listed below:

● A regular schedule:

Students must follow a proper and synchronized schedule daily for better productivity. Eat nutritious food on time, sleeping early and waking up early in the morning for studying must be practiced religiously. Take an hour or two for any mind diversion like playing games, reading a novel, or listening to your favorite music. Such refreshments help in better clarity and give a clearer mind for concentration.

● Proportional Targets

Don’t set targets that are far beyond your reach. Set daily targets by making smaller and considerate proportions of the study. Complete the study schedule by completing one chapter a day or detailed questions of all chapters in two days and so on. This eases the accumulation of study and revision time and helps face exams more confidently.

● Disciplinary Course of Study

Attention must be given that the set-out timetable for daily studying is followed every day. One must discipline and punctuate oneself to study regularly. Some people tend to follow the targets for a day or two and drift from them gradually. This must not be encouraged, and continuous effort must be practiced.

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● Solving Sample Papers

The best way to get a better picture of how exams will be conducted and how well you are prepared is by solving a few sample papers or previous Board papers. This helps analyze and assess oneself to know how good your study table is benefiting you. Important Q&A can be marked with the help of seniors and sample paper providers for scoring better marks. Top CBSE schools in Secunderabad make it a point to assist students with such study material for better exposure.

● Breathe!

Always take time out to relax and calm yourself. Take regular breaks from your study schedule and invest quality time in meditating or relaxing. The pressure of exams may get to your head, but efforts must be taken to calm and redeem oneself.

● Cut-Out Anxiety

Most students tend to get anxious and forget all that they have learned. Always keep a level head and do not let peer pressure get to you on the most important day you have prepared yourself for. Unwanted tension can result in risking forgetting all that you learned. Hence, CBSE schools in Tarnaka make sure that their students are calm and composed to face exams.


It is never considered too late to do something good for yourself. Even if you have not followed any of the above-listed tips, there is still time out there to make a difference. As Board exams are considered a key factor in shaping one’s career path, the best CBSE schools in Uppal invest quality time in making it fruitful for students.

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